Monkey Mia Western Australia

This location is a protected marine park and a popular tourist destination known for the frequent and regular appearances of dolphins in the shallows.

Monkey Mia

At a Glance

Monkey Mia is a popular destination for road trips north of Perth and offers a unique experience for those looking for a retreat from their busy lives.

The Bottlenose Dolphins at Monkey Mia are a popular attraction. They swim upshore regularly, and visitors can get close and feed them by hand. In addition to dolphin interactions, Monkey Mia is great for beach leisure activities due to its straightforward and sunny weather.

Where is Monkey Mia?

Monkey Mia is located 900 kilometres north of Perth.

Monkey Mia is situated on the eastern coast of the Peron Peninsula within the Shark Bay World Heritage site. It is approximately 25 kilometres from the town of Denham. A popular method of transportation to Monkey Mia is renting a car from Perth Airport or flying into Shark Bay Airport, which is 18 kilometres away from Monkey Mia. But the ideal option is to go Monkey Mia tours, where we take all the organising into our own hands and you enjoy the journey.

Attractions to visit in Monkey Mia

Friendly Dolphins

The Bottlenose Dolphins at Monkey Mia are known for their regular interactions with humans and can be hand-fed with fish provided by the Department of Parks and Wildlife. There is limited availability for feeding the dolphins, so act fast if interested.

Monkey Mia Beach

The main attraction in the area is the dolphins, but there are other animals to see as well. In the water, you might see rays, dugongs, turtles, and sharks. There's a good chance of spotting pelicans and emus along the water. Fun fact: emus can't fly, but they can swim.

Wulyibidi Yaninyina Trail

After seeing the dolphins at Monkey Mia, I learned that other activities exist. You can swim in the clear blue water or walk on the Wulyibidi Yaninyina Trail. The trail showcases red dunes, acacia shrubland, and the coast. You will also spot different bird species along the way. Additionally, you can learn about the Aboriginal and European history of the region.

Tours and Cruises

Various forms of entertainment and tours are offered at this popular destination. These include astronomy tours, 4WD tours, national park tours, air tours, and sailboat cruises on the Aristocat 2.

How's the weather?

Monkey Mia and Denham, located on the Peron Peninsula, share a semi-arid climate. Summers are warm and dry, while winters bring more rainfall as cold fronts come from the Indian Ocean. In summer (December to February), the average maximum temperature is 31°C and the average minimum temperature is 23°C. In winter (June to August), the average maximum temperature is 22°C and the average minimum temperature is 5°C.

Explore the history of Monkey Mia

Monkey Mia is believed to have originated partly from the Aboriginal language, with the second part 'Mia' meaning 'home' or 'shelter'. Various theories exist about the origin of the first part of the name, but none have been definitively proven. The area was established in 1890 as a fishing and pearl gathering base.

Monkey Mia tours

Monkey Mia became famous in the 1960s when a fisherman and his spouse started feeding Bottlenose Dolphins after their fishing trips. People were drawn to see the dolphins coming inshore. The government improved the area's infrastructure for better accessibility. In 2000, the area became a Marine Park managed by the government. Today, Monkey Mia is a popular tourist spot where visitors can see dolphins up close multiple times daily.